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A polyhybrid plant created from different crosses and morphologies that give her multiple characteristics. The pollen¬receiving female is a Thai landrace stabilized in greenhouses under conditions that imitate typical photoperiods for our climes, which is why she’s adapted perfectly to indoors and outdoors, preparing her to receive the feminised pollen. On the other hand, the male is a stabilized polyhybrid, and his genes carry features from his Skunk, Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer ancestry, something we’ve factored in to the sexual inversion process, since these are going to be the traits that we’ve tried to express in Amnesia.
As a result, Amnesia produces very stable plants, resulting from an F1 cross, with traits that combine sensations from this labyrinthine, genetic hotchpotch, producing a great multicolour beauty with each puff of multiracial smoke.
The complex richness of this plant innervates fruity and sweet flavour sensations as well as alochre and incense aromas typical of her forefather Herer. Her yield and high level of THC remind us of its ancestor Skunk and its mother Thai, surprising too because of her relatively speedy flowering traft which has been passed on by the great Cinderella 99, a well-known sativa that flowers early. Amnesia is a sea of experiences for your demanding Gourmet cannabis palate. Feminised.

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