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This is the Joint Doctor’s eagerly awaited third series, a powerful, tasty and resinous auto-flowering plant. A pure New York City Diesel adds a new twist to Diesel Lowryder # 2; this plant normally produces one main bud with less branching than Lowryder or Lowryder # 2. Unlike most other Lowryder hybrids, this plant has been re-worked by the Joint Doctor and stabilized over the course of a few years in order to guarantee the perfect hybrid that maintains the excellent NYC Diesel taste and buzz, whilst taking on the auto-flowering gene. Diesel Ryder will flower automatically at 3-4 weeks and finish in 8-9 from seed. A small proportion of these plants will grow significantly taller than the others. This is a good option for small rooms, mother rooms with 18 hours of light and cupboards, but be careful, Lowryder Diesels gives off a very pungent aroma during flowering. Automatic

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