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She’s finally here, the eagerly awaited successor to The Joint Doctor’s insignia strain: Lowryder n° 2 is the latest in their quest to top the toughness, yield and flavour of their original strain, keeping the exceptional characteristics that made this strain so popular. Lowryder N° 2 possesses the superior characteristics of Santa Maria, an Indica/Sativa hybrid native to Brazil, known for her abundance of resin, exotic flavour and a buzz that’ll make you fly.
The resulting strain was then inbred for three generations and the end result was a dwarf variety that produces a marvellously strong smoke whose intoxicating flavour will make your head spin.
To her strength and flavour we can add her abundant production of resin and a muck improved yield and stability. The buds are bigger, denser and more aromatic than the original Lowryder’s. Likewise, Lowryder N° 2 does not require a separate room or light cycle to flower. When grown outside, she matures faster than any strain sensitive to photoperiods. Automatic.

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