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Surprising genetics judging by her power and strength, this strain was created on the genetic basis of the famous New York Diesel line and carefully worked using specific clones for its feminisation in controlled conditions.
Her potency and aggravated vigour have been obtained thanks to the generation of superindividuals with a great variety of genes, these superplants have been cultivated in greenhouses under controlled conditions, resulting in considerable increases in yield and psychoactivity.
The genetic mix of New York Diesel means that this plant is difficult to distinguish by smell and flavour, above all because these are masked by her divine potency which produces an almost devastating high with
incredibly high percentages of THC as well as CBD. Let’s not forget the appearance of her colossal buds and swollen glands of opalescent resin, that’s like looking out on a sea of dazzling topaz with caramel hues and a hint of ochre and musk.
This sativo-indica hybrid provides an ideal chemotype for medical use due to its powerful narcotic, sedative and anti-inflammatory effects, however as far as genotypes are concerned it’s not a pure Indica, it is an improved variant of the original New York Diesel that genetically has produced a high CBD content, resistance to fungus, great hybrid vigour and tremendous flavour. Feminised.

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