BCN Diesel – Kannabia Seeds – The seeds were feminized from a x5 pack


The seeds were feminized from a x5 pack. One seed didn’t sprout in coco but the other 4 grew well. The seedlings were repotted into 6 inch pots of coco at 2 weeks old with added Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Rhizotonic. After another 2 weeks the plants were transplanted again into bigger 20 fiter pots of coco for 10 days to root. The plants then got placed onto a 12/12 cycle into flowering.
The BCN Diesel grew ok from the start and the plants responded well to the supper-cropping technique. One of the plants had big fat leaves. It was short with compact buds and was ready to harvest at 9 weeks flowering. The other 3 plants had more Malawi in them and took longer to fmish. These were left to fully mature before cropping. Two of the plants were very reminiscent of Diesel with a covering of thick orange hairs and a nice smell. The other plant had wispy tops with more Malawi in and was earthy. It turned a green and grey colour when cured. All the plants had really pungent aromas with amazing smells during the flowering cycle and when dried out. The plants were hung for 10 days to 2 weeks in and environment with circulating air to dry. The 11 week plants that had more Malawi in them were still fruity when broken. The yield on all 4 plants was better than average. The top buds were pleasing on all 4 plants, well formed, with denser buds at the main bases. The smoke was sweetest in the 9 week plant. The other 3 were earthy with a hint of sweetness from the Diesel. Overall they were nice plants to grow and smoke. The effect was spacey.

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Environment: 600w HPS

Method: super-cropped

Medium: coco

Nutrients:  Canna, Rhizotonic, Piranha, Voodoo, PK 13/14

Grow time: 4 weeks

Flower time:  9 and 11 weeks

Plant structure: varied, Diesel – Malawi

Bud structure: varied, Diesel – Malawi

Scent:  pungent

Taste:    sweet to earthy

Effect:   spacey

Yield:   average

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