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So, BrummieFarmer on the cheap mission again. This time it’s G13 Haze from Seedsman and after all the hype about the CIA creating it in some lab somewhere in the U.S, I got high expectations. Googling G13 will bring all sorts of notions about it’s strength and the breeders will tell you it’s the strongest, nicest etc, etc. I created my famous replica Biobizz soil and popped my six seedlings in their pots.
Veg went slightly strange and after topping, there was real strange growth going on. I understand that some deformed growth is okay after topping, but this was ridiculous. More and more they grew and I just couldn’t get them go grow straight. Soon after and a couple weeks before 12/12, they shaped up and fixed up! Unfortunately Mary-Jane had other ideas and one day, while feeding them drunk, I fell on two of them and completely snapped them. They were beyond saving, and I was beyond caring and plus, I’d just harvested all my Cheese, and if the moon is made of cheese, I was on it. So I gave the two girls a nice burial and threw the others into flower.
As the buds grew bigger and trichomes exploded, I noticed the bud was forming clusters. Nightmarish visions of endless, tedious manicuring filled my head. I sat back, puffed some Cheese, and hoped that the bud would eventually meet and join up, if not the yield was looking shite. I’m not a potency hunter, I like weight and these babies weren’t putting any on. And they neuer did.
So on the ninth week I pulled them and shit, they were and always will be one of the most annoying plants to manicure and I don’t go for those little crystal sucking hoovers. You always see them being used by long haired folk in the grow videos, and they always Look like they just stepped out of the eighties! Anyway, if easy manicuring is you’re thing and you like a good yield, don’t go for G13-Haze!
Nice flavor, powerfull smell and not a lot of curing needed are it’s good points. Apart from that BF gives it a 5/10.

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600w HPS Closet style

Bio-Bizz full range

DIY compost

6 females

cheap office extractor 200m3-hr

2 little fans 6″

average temp-27 C/ Humidity- 50% 6 weeks in veg, 9 in flower

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  • beuh g13
  • haze knospe
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  • Haze #13
  • אופן ייבוש מריחואנה
  • G13 HAZE marijuana seed
  • odeur g13*haze
  • G13 erva


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