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We began growth by successfully germinating 12 seeds. After a little over five weeks’ growth, we had 55 cuttings. In ten days, all the cuttings
had taken root and we selected the most homogenous to fill two square metres. 40 plants in all. From the very beginning, we used a system
of 12/12 lighting with a 600 W bulb connected to a light rail.
This plant can take a great deal of fertiliser, as it is extraordinarily vigorous. At 12 days of flowering, the first drops of resin appeared… Incredible! From now on, the deve¬lopment of the resin glands was so amazing that it scared me; I thought it could be mould. From the seventh week onwards, we only watered with osmosis water.
The plants were ready at 52 days’ of flowering, with a maximum height of 28 cm and results far better than expected. As it was the first time we had used the light rail, we had forecast performance of 15-20 g per plant, whereas we actually ended up with 20-25 g.
We chose this variety because the seed bank says that it is a pure Indica with high medicinal value, and as I suffer from chronic hyperactivity, I used it as a medication.
After several weeks’ drying and less than a month to ripen, the marijuana looked proud to Show off the splendid resin layer, challenging any expert cannabis-connoisseur to a sweet, inebriating duel. The aromas of yeast and cheese dominate over other citrus hints that are revealed to a greater extent upon smoking.

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Conditions: 250W HM – 600W APS

Method:   green sea

Medium:   coco shelves

Nutrients: Aqua Grow A+B, Aqua Flores A+B and Cannazym;

cuttings strengthener, Delta THC, PK 13-14 and pH- by Organik Nature, Final Phase AN

Flowering time: 52 days

Plant structure: Indica

Marijuana structure: dark, resin-covered marijuana

Aroma:   yeast with hints of cheese and slightly citric allusions

Effect: gently devastating

Performance: 20-25 g dried flowers per plant

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