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As a regular customer of the online Shop of the Ministry of Cannabis, I’ve got these seeds for free in august 2008, with the request to grow them for testing purpose. At that time the narre was still uncertain, and the only things I knew were that it was an average size plant, that flowers in 9 weeks and has a really happy effect. So I decided to honor the gilt and I planted 5 seeds directly in soil (1.5 lt pot). They sprouted all 5, and because I decided to grow only 4 of them, I discarded one after com¬pleting the rooting phase (with the regular use of Canna Ryzothonic). At this stage, after 15 days, the roots took possession of the soil and it was really easy to move the whole block to lt. pots. The vegetation phase was completed in 30 days, the plants were all 35-40 cm tall when I started to flower them. After days the first individual Shows the sex, immedi¬ately followed by the other 3 (they were all female, because I had femi¬nized seeds). The true bud formation started pretty Tate, after almost 3 weeks, but this strain has shown an exceptional flowering vigor during the weeks 3 till 7 of flowering. At the end, the plants were all about 80 cm tall, with the bottom pruned for about 20 cm. Even the lower buds were big and swollen. The main bud was big, but not like other strains that I’ve had in the past. In general the buds are well distributed into the whole plant. I could cut after 9 weeks as they say, but I wanted to wait a cou¬ple of days more. After manicuring, I hanged the plant upside down and I went on holiday. The temperature was extremely low (5-7 degrees cel¬sius) because of a faulty timer. They stay in this conditions for 20 days. This process however, has contribute to give to the smell an exceptional consistence of a fresh flower bou¬quet. The aroma is really Jong last¬ing in the mouth, releasing notes of strawberry. The effect is relaxing and happy, fall but not overpowered. Overall an extremely high quality strain, Bravo Ministry!

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Environment: grow room

Method: SOG

Medium:   soll (Canna Professional +)

Nutrient: Bio Magno 100% Organic

Growing Time: 30 days

Flowering Time: 65 days

Plant Structure: hybrid, medium size

Bud Structure: little donkey’s dicks

Scent: Flower bouquet, fruity aftertaste, strawberry notes

Effect: Happy

Yield: average

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