Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion – Another outdoor champion strain

German grower Hi-Five gets his personal marijuana supply from organic outdoor gardening, so he depends on reliable high-quality feminised outdoor strains. With Dutch Passion strains, he has always gained positive experience. Let’s see how he did his thing last year when he cultivated a bed full of feminised Frisian Dew plants. Hi-Five uses to grow his marijuana plants on a southfacing side bed of his garden (next to a garden wall), where also two little apple trees are growing. The wall is high enough to protect the plants from curious neighbours and also from storm damages. The two little apple trees also have a protective function, heavy rainfalls or hail falls are partly being catched away by the trees, thus don’t hitting the plants too hard.
The crowns of the apple trees are not that dense, rather open, so that enough light shines through to the plants. At the beginning of February, Hi-Five prepared the garden bed’s soil with his own last year’s compost, adding 50% of that “earthy gold” to the soil already in the bed. Compost is a blessing for any kind of plants! It improves biological activity of the soil, optimizes the soil’s structure by aerating it and giving it more water holding capacity power and provides a lot of organic nutrients that can be taken up by the plants bit by bit, without the risk of overfertilisation. Apart from compost, Hi-Five mixed 10% Korn shaves (an excellent source of organic nitrogen) and 10% granite stone meal into the soil. Stone meal contains a good deal of lime, potash, magnesium and several trace elements, slowly releasing them. Hi-Five digged the whole bed thoroughly over and let it rest until cultivation started in May.

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