Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion – Another outdoor champion strain


The Frisian Dew plants grew very well. Thanks to the soil’s high nutrient content and water holding capacity power, Hi-Five didn’t have to water and/or fertilise the plants in the first two months, he could give free rein to mother nature. Summer advanced, and at the end of July, the feminised Frisian Dew plants revealed their gender — they all proved to be female. Hi-Five happily watched the resin glands prosper on all the plants, as flowering got into full gear in the course of August. At the beginning of the flowering stage, he had started to fertilise his plants with BioBizz’s organic “Bio-Bloom” (N-P-K = 2.0-6.0-3.5) once a week. The plants became heavily resinous (most obviously thanks to the influence of mighty Super Skunk genetics), in fact, these were the most resinous outdoor plants Hi-Five had ever experienced! The “green apple tree roof” that widely protected the plants from heavy rain falls may have contributed to the extraordinarily high resin content, preventing the resin glands from being washed off the buds. The five Frisian Dew plants did not produce any male flowers, becoming 100% female, so they passed the femi test with flying colors. And “with colors” can be taken literally here: Two of the five plants produced lovely purple buds, thanks to the Purple Star genetics in Frisian Dew. Another very positive result was that mold wasn’t an issue at all, all the five Frisian Dew plants exhibited totally healthy high-grade sinsemilla buds in the end. Which was uniformly reached by the five plants at the beginning of October.Hi-Five was well satisfied with the yield, he got a solid pound of buds from his plants. While this was not too much for an outdoor plant in general, one has to take into account that the Frisian Dew plants were started Tate, having had a relatively short vegetative period and slightly reduced sunlight supply (due to the apple trees above). But potency was awesome, reflecting both sides of the genetic spectrum, having a both sativa-like uplifting (at first) and indica-like stoney (later) effect. Frisian Dew’s potency can easily compete with strong indoor buds, it’s of really exceptional outdoor quality.The same applied to the great organic taste that was quite mild and sweet, but also had a spicy’n earthy outdoor note. In addition, Hi-Five luckily produced some fine organic hash from the very resinous leafy material that had accumulated during harvest. This Frisian Dew hash was incredibly delicious and potent, totally blasting Hi-Five away for hours.Frisian Dew undoubtfully is another outdoor champion strain from Dutch Passion with a remarkable potency. Feminised Frisian Dew seeds are available in units of five or ten seeds.

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