BCN Diesel – Kannabia Seeds – nice plants to grow and smoke


The BCN Diesel seeds came direct from Kannabia Seeds. The seeds were feminized from a x5 pack. One seed didn’t sprout in coco but the other 4 grew well. The seedlings were repotted into 6 inch pots of coco at 2 weeks old with added Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Rhizotonic. After another 2 weeks the plants were tran­splanted again into bigger 20 liter pots of coco for 10 days to root. The plants then got placed onto a 12/12 cycle into flowering.
The BCN Diesel grew ok from the start and the plants responded well to the supper-cropping technique. One of the plants had big fat leaves. It was short with compact buds and was ready to harvest at 9 weeks flowe­ring. The other 3 plants had more Malawi in them and took Tonger to finish. These were left to fully matu­re before cropping. Two of the plants were very reminiscent of Diesel with a covering of thick orange hairs and a nice smell. The other plant had wispy tops with more Malawi in and was earthy. It turned a green and grey colour when cured.
All the plants had really pungent aro­mas with amazing smells during the flowering cycle and when dried out. The plants were hung for 10 days to 2 weeks in and environment with cir­culating air to dry. The 11 week plan­ts that had more Malawi in them were still fruity when broken. The yield on all 4 plants was better than average. The top buds were pleasing on all 4 plants, well formed, with denser buds at the main bases.
The smoke was sweetest in the 9 week plant. The other 3 were earthy with a hint of sweetness from the Diesel. Overall they were nice plants to grow and smoke. The effect was spacey.

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