Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion – Strawberry Cough is very intense


From x2 (feminized) Strawberry Cough seeds, x2 mother plants were grown. Each mother gave the same amount of clones. The clones were rooted in Jiffy7 peat pellets. Some Rhizotonic was added to help early root growth. At 1 week they were transplanted into small pots of coco fiber/pebble (9:1 ratio). They were all fed Hesi Grow for the next 14days. At 3 weeks they were transplanted again into large pots. After 3 days in the large pots the lights were switched to 12/12. The plants had an indica/sativa profile with dark emerald leaves. As they started to flower the buds grew steady. After 7days 12/12 the nutes were changed from Hesi Grow to Bio-biz bloom. At 50-55 days PK 13/14 was used. Then plain water for the last week or so. The structure of the main colas was long and fall, with the leaves poin­ting out at 45degree angles. The lower buds were rounded, tight, and compact (like giant strawberries?) with thick hairs everywhere. All the plants had deep red hairs and a smell of Starbucks (coffee and cakes) when growing. During the last week the plants developed hues of purple and red in the leaves. If left Tonger they would have changed colour more! Trimming was easy and enjoyable. The buds were hung on a string in a cool dry room. The yield was average about 20-30g each (the mothers yiel­ded more). The trim waste was saved and made good bubblehash. When cured Strawberry Cough smells musty (like a dusty book or museum) not skunky. The buds are quite chunky and nice to roll. The colas when broken smell musky­sweet. To smoke Strawberry Cough is Arid (says MT Small) with a definite sativa stone. The bubblehash from Strawberry Cough is very intense with heightened colour awareness and an uplifting buzz. Good for smoking on sunny winter mornings.

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Environment: 600watt
Method: mother/clone,
Medium: Canna coco and hydro-balls
Nutrient: Cannazym, Hesi Grow, Bio-Biz Bloom
Grow time: 21-28 days
Flower time: 65 days
Plant structure: average
Bud structure: long colas and round buds
Scent: (growing) coffeehouse smell
Effect: trance like stone
Yield: 20-30g per plant

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