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This time I decided on Skunk#1 as it’s in most decent strains and it’s always used as a comparison. I also belived that the older a strain, the more that the breeders have a chance to isolate better traits and maximise yield and flavour by years and years of the best genetic selection. So, I germinate them in a cup of water and transplant them into small pots when I see a little tail pop out from the seed, resembling a tadpole. Some seven weeks go before they Look tall enough to take the thirty cuttings I’d had ordered. Cuttings took and the poor little things looked like skeletons, green skeletons. I give them a further two weeks veg and then transfer them to their final homes, huge long buckets to maximise root development, staying with length rather than width, as typically cannabis prefers length. Twelve hours are induced. Due to visitors coming over from Holland ( ironic I know!) I had only six weeks to flower them and get rid, leaving no sign behind. So like an old miser that I am, I start slowly upping the hours of light to thirteen and a half and thankfully and more than likely luckily, they seem to flower and enjoy thier extra hour and a half.
Amazingly, at the six weeks and four days, there was ample amounts of slight fusion, milkt’ white and hints and splashes of beautiful amber. So again, Seedsman have surpassed many other breeders with their resillient, quick growing genetics. Harvest time is here and even atter lollipopping and pruning at the third week for energy production to move up to the more bigger colas, not forgetting all the cuttings I took and the short flower period, they looked good. I kept one in veg, waiting for a male cheese to ripen for pollination, and flowered four.
Manicuring these babies were a dream. Just as easy as taking the leaves off your corn on the cob. Hand manicured and hung to dry, five days later and the stems were dry but still had a certain suppleness so I cut all the buds off the stems and dropped them into cleaned out coffee jars and screwed the lids tight and left them curing for a week, opening once in a while ( usually for a spliff!) to burp it, it gathered up the most spicy, skunky pong.
Smoking wise, it was a rich, real sweet skunk taste and the high was head heavy and deep. Defmateky one for the sleepless or anxiety plagued. It’s super chill, red-eyed smiling weed. I’m no advocate of Seedsman either, they’re just next day delivery for U.K dwellers and the genetics always amaze. As far as feminised seeds go from them, never had a male or a hermie. Seeurs they got it locked down there.
Dry bud weight per plant was approximately four ounces. Heaven only knows what you’d get if you never took clones off them and vegged them for 12 weeks…….

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5 feminised Skunk #1
x1 600w HPS and x1 400w HPS
Multi-purpose compost
Bedroom wrapped in white Total Blackout with the window open Sweet neighbours, no odour control
Couple of oscilliating fans
Biobizz veg, bloom and booster with bio-heaven.
Batuano in bloom

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