Blue Mystic from Royal Queen Seeds – This report covers Blue Mystic (feminised)


If you’ve grown outdoors this year hi southeastern England, you’ll probably be one of the happy smiley crew. Little rain, a fair breeze, and an autumn you can only normally dream about. If on the other hand, like me, your labours this summer have been indoors (and my heart goes out especially to you poor souls who have to endure the ‘fiery furnace’ of the midsummer hell that an attic am be), the summer has at times brought total misery and the need for some radical thinking!

This report covers Blue Mystic (feminised), from the ever-consistent Royal Queen Seeds. Blue Mystic is a mostly Indica variety, with a Sativa influence that not only shows up in the growth pattern, but also in the final smoke.
Four Blue Mystic seeds were laid on moist tissue, and because the indoor air temperature was a fairly constant 21 degrees, they just sat on a shelf and 24 hours later all had split. They were popped into some ‘jiffy’ blocks and then set in 3 1/2″ pots with a mix of 50% used potting compost (flushed repeatedly with fresh water), 30% Perlite and 20% well-rotted sheep manure and straw. God knows why I went for this mix; yet another ‘great’ stoned idea that turned out to be nothing more than a really bad stoned idea! Still, I intend to use this ‘brew’ for all re-potting, and during the veg period I will only give them fresh water.
The pots were placed under some compact fluorescents, (4 x 30 watt) mounted on an aluminium reflector, and they were put in a corner (away from the main grow areas) with a Mylar ‘curtain’ loosely around them. I did this because the weather had turned very hot and the veg’ room was suffering a bit with high temperatures. Having young seedlings in high (above 30 degrees) day time temperatures with barely a reduction in night time temperatures is not a great environment for young ones, especially when the humidity’s low.
So whilst I spent my days battling with the temperature in my veg and bloom areas, the Blue Mystics lived in relative luxury, getting (at first) 24 hours of light a day with the temperature (aided by a small fan) sitting nicely around 26 during the day, and around 20 at night.
It took about 72 hours for all seedlings to appear, and within seven days of 24-hour light, all were looking very healthy and starting to show signs of good vigour, even though they were still under the compacts. On day eight, I re-potted two sizes up and at this stage nipped the top off all four plants.
At this point I moved the four plants to the main veg area (18/6) to sit under a 400 watt M/Halide lamp, in a 1 metre x 1 metre floor-to-ceiling enclosure which had more fans, it seemed, than plants. The hot weather was by now getting worse, and anyone who lives in a red brick Victorian house knows what I’m talking about when I say that at night, when the heat is let out of the bricks, it gets hotter, not cooler. This was not good for me, as I had to run both rooms in daylight hours.
As the sweaty days passed, the Blue Mystics were not doing too badly considering the temperature in the room was about 31-33 during the day and 29- 30 at lights out. As soon as they showed enough new growth on the newly formed pair of growing tips, I very carefully ‘pinched’ them out again, to eventually form four growing tips. I did this for two reasons; firstly, I felt the grow mix I had given them was possibly a little too rich in Nitrogen, and that combined with a Sativa influence could cause excessive vertical growth. But secondly, and to me more importantly, that the influence of the former combined with a move soon to the ‘bloom’ room that is suffering badly with excessive ‘lights on” heat and fairing little better with ‘lights out’ heat was going to cause problems with keeping internode length short. I had already been experiencing some of my younger (clone) ladies stretching up, rather than remaining nice and compact as they had done in an earlier (cooler and with the same growth medium) grow.

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