Easy Bud from Royal Queen Seeds – love him to bits really!


Once upon a time there was a wise old man who, through trial and error, discovered that in order to grow good fat, sticky, smelly, potent buds you needed several things, and of all these things, probably the most important was patience. This wise old fellah would tell you that on average, to get a reasonable crop of reasonable strength, reasonably tasty bud, you would have to wait a reasonable amount of time. And if you wanted a greater crop, with a greater strength and taste, you would have to wait a greater amount of time. As time has passed, cropping times have got shorter and shorter, this is because of many factors: modern fertilizers, advances in lamp technology and, importantly, the growing wealth of information out there on growing your own. No one has to grow in ignorance, and unlike the wizened old man, you don’t have to learn through trial and error, over decades. But even so, often to get a fast crop you have to put such small plants in to flower that unless you’ve got dozens and dozens on the go, you’re not going to get a crop that will make you grin insanely! Even a fast, 45-day bloomer (from seed or clone) needs 15-20 days veg to make it worthwhile, so you’re still looking at 60-65 days to harvest. And unless you’ve taken the time to select your clones/seeds carefully, you could end up with much less from your `speedy harvest’ than you had hoped for. (It’s a bit like fast sex: it satisfies the `moment’, but gives no long term pleasure!). Of all the things the old man learned through his lifetime of growing good weed, one fact remains a constant: genetics. If you want devastating buds, you need devastating genetics; if you want heavy yields, you need heavy genetics, and if you want super strong, super sticky, super fast crops you need Royal Queen Seeds! Easy Bud, (feminized) from Royal Queen Seeds is, quite simply, bloody amazing! Having now tested three different auto-flowerers, Easy Bud, Quick One and Royal Automatic (all from RQS), I can report that they all do the job well, but Easy Bud is in a class of its own. Earlier this year I planted eight Easy Bud seeds and kept two to do this report. The eight plants endured some hellish summertime temperatures and an attack by my old friends, spider mites. On top of this, three were not fed anything; three were fed excessively, and were fed normally. From this I learned a few things. Firstly, they are susceptible to spider mite. Of all the different plants in the veg room, the mites seemed to congregate on the Easy Bud.

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