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Here we are with the first article of a new series with official Royal Queen Seeds photographer Kike L. Over the next few issues, we will continue this series of detailed photographs looking at other varieties.

To carry out the tests, we organised an area as similar as possible to a modest-sized self-grow, with a view to ending up with a result that could be obtained by any inexperienced grower buying all the basics necessary from a standard grow, with a packet of feminised seeds. The plants grew under a Philips Son T Pia light bulb, with an Adjust-A-Wing type reflector. This light can open or close its wings, allowing the light area to be adapted to plant development and needs. The all-important ventilation was obtained using a tubular-type extractor and intake fan, equipped with the relevant filters. We also used a fan to distribute air throughout the room. The plants germinated in cotton wool and after sprouting, grew for a few days on a sunny balcony. When germinating, and during initial growth, if using natural light, take care to ensure that the plant receives quality light. Failure to do so will mean that they grow towards the sun, weakly, in single file. Do not overdo it either, though, as this may burn small plantlets. The choice of soil and fertilisers fell to Atami, a Dutch make with an

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