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Critical is an Indica-dominant strain from the garden of Royal Queen Seeds. Her Sativa-influences are not un-noticeable in this weed’s high. But all the advantages of her Indica back­ground are allowed to shine through in the short growth- and explosive bloom phase of this variety.

Critical from Royal Queen Seeds comes from feminised seeds, so they are all female plants. 1 have to say that all other feminised varieties from Royal Queen Seeds have been very powerful germinators and produced strong, healthy plants. And these seeds too were open in just a day!

After a week or so they were already growing happily in small pots. After this, 1 re-potted them in Lava soil in 3.5 litre pots and popped them into a 18/6 schedule.

A week and a half later they began to bloom. From that moment on 1 gave them Hy-Pro Terra nutrient.1 kept the EC low, around 1.2. After 8 days of bloom, all over the plants were small, white budlets growing. Thanks to her 1ndica-genes the whole plant remained compact in shape and she never grew higher than 50 cm. In week 4 of their bloom the girls were looking very favourable. The trichome production had come into full force and the leafage in the buds was looking pret­ty well covered. 1n week 5 some buds began to swell up, at the same time they continued to sprout new white hairs. 1n the 6th week 1 stopped giving them any nutrient. 1 always do this in order to make sure 1 end up with the true taste and smell of the weed variety. 1t just seems a shame to negatively influence the taste by giving the plant loads of extra nutrients right up to the last minute. There’s just no need! At the end of week 8 they were ready to harvest. From seed they had taken barely 11 weeks. The buds were massive and well stuffed, with a lovely grey glow. Cool!

After around 21 days of drying out they were finally ready, and 1 could contem­plate sparking up my first big fat joint of Critical. The biggest plant gave me 23 grams of dried bud. So Critical is certainly aheavy-yielder! Perfect too for a SOG (Sea Of Green) method, because they are very easy to train or to top. Despite the relatively long grow period they always remained good and com­pact.

Critical is simply a fine and juicy weed to grow, and furthermore, super potent. After a single joint 1 was completely off my head in another world altogether. She had a lovely stoned body effect, but was also very mentally stimulating. She tasted somewhat spicy mixed with a sweet tobacco and thanks to her wonderful smell, even a bit fruity. 1n short, a very successful grow; Critical is a very spe­cial variety from Royal Queen Seeds.

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