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If there is a name that has always been linked to growing in Spain it has to be Kannabia. Over a great many years of experience (some good, some bad), genetics have evolved and improved. Today’s result is 17 feminised, well-established varieties (15 normal and 2 autoflowering), combining the best of earlier varieties and acclimatised to all weather conditions, grow systems and substrates.

Kannabia now looks to return to its classic status as seed bank of reference. And to do so, they have been working on two basic, complementary lines. On the one hand, recognition as the highest quality product for all grow phases, from seed germination to tasting the harvest. Starting by monitoring varieties with independent growers, they will soon be ready for you with an all-new look Kannabia web page.

At the same time, they are also extending their web page to include better contents (monitoring of varieties, medicinal cannabis, ecology, association work, forums, etc.). They want you to be more than passing clients, and are now inviting you into this `new family’ so strongly-rooted in tradition.


This variety will take you to a grower’s Olympus. Absolutely anyone can grow this hardwearing, reliable plant. The structure is typical of an Indica/ Sativa hybrid, with a large central tip from which many side bran­ches shoot out, running parallel to the centre for much of the flowering stage. Extremely hard‑wearing from growth, the stems feature a short distance between nodes. Plenty of large, dark green leaves. Its vigour is immediately clear as flowering starts, when a layer of copious resin (tentacles of resin visible to the naked eye) starts to cover all leaves.

BCN Diesel

The authentic `BCN party’ is back! Ripening in the environ­ment. Kannabia has improved and established this cross of the New York City Diesel with a male Indica making for a shorter, quick ripening plant.

It is well worth extending growth up to 10-12 days indoors (with seeds). But watch it! You don’t want to leave it much longer, or you’ll end up with some parameters you could certainly do without indoors. But careful pru­ning will make it one of the best mothers you could ever have. Perfect for novice growers with only a few harvests under their belts.

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