Dutch Passion – Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain


seedling soil. Five seeds germinated very quickly, but one proved to be a latecomer, reaching the soil’s surface three days later than the others. For the vegetative stage, Rocky Resin used a 400 watts Philips HPI-T lamp. After the six Blue Moonshine plants had established themselves well in the one litre pots, having become almost rootbound, they were transplanted to 6.5 litres pots filled with Plagron Standard Mix. The nutrient content of this medium enables the grower to do without any extra fertiliser in the vegetative stage, with the soil’s nutrients being sufficient for the first three vegetative weeks in any case. Rocky Resin let the six Blue Moonshine plants spend 24 days in the vegetative stage and, indeed, could do without any extra fertiliser, the plants thrived very well and fairly homogeneous, except for the latecomer that remained much smaller than his siblings. After Rocky had induced flowering, in the course of the following weeks the other five plants also developed slight differences in height and branching pattern. At least two different phenotypes became evident: On the one hand, an indica typical phenotype (four plants) — the buds of which strongly reminded of Original Blueberry — on the other hand, a phenotype with more sativa traits (two plants). It came as a surprise though that the Blue Moonshine indica phenotype proved to become much taller than the sativa phenotype, the difference in height compared to the sativa phenotype was 20-45 cm in the end. The sativa phenotype grew much denser and more compact than the indica phenotype that had much wider internodes and the buds of which were interrupted inbetween at the main stem, there wasn’t a continuous top cola.

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  • κλαδεμα κανναβης
  • moon shine seeds
  • wiet landrassen
  • Σπόρος καναβης Northern Lights #2 x lowryder φωτογραφίες
  • monshinne blue
  • bluemoonshine
  • cup 2010 dutch passion
  • flower complex
  • trapeza sporon marixouanas germania
  • legendarische wietzaadjes


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