Dutch Passion – Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain


Thanks to the 600 watts Sylvana HPS lamp that Rocky Resin had installed at the begin of the flowering period, and the application of Hesi Flower Complex and Phosphor Plus fertiliser, the Blue Moonshine plants were strongly pushed. Especially the two sativa phenotype plants grew into impressive indoor marijuana exemplars, loaded with big compact resinous buds that had a high calyx­to-leaf ratio. However, they weren’t as super resinous as the buds of the indica phenotype which produced less bud weight though. The aroma was more or less the same with all the six plants: Sweet, a little bit spicy, a little bit fruity, very pleasing. Also in terms of maturing time, all the Blue Moonshine plants gave a fairly homogeneous performance. The four indica phenotype plants were ripe after 60 days of flowering, the two sativa phenotype plants took only one week longer (Dutch Passion states 63 days flowering time for Blue Moonshine, so this was well within tolerance). On the plants there were only slight hints of one of Blue Moonshine’s trademark attributes, purple blue hues or even colour in the buds, only the indica phenotype plants exhibited a little bit of this. This was probably due to the fact that it was quite warm in the grow room (21-26°C during daytime, 16-21°C at night) — the colder it is, the stronger purple colours are expressed by the plants. Another very important result: All the six Blue Moonshine plants passed the femi-test with flying colours, none of them produced any

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  • αγορα σπορων κανναβης
  • blue monshine
  • Blue moon shine
  • blu monshine indoor
  • αγορα σπορων μαριχουανας
  • moon shine seeds
  • belonen thailand
  • черника - голландский семена страсти
  • blue passion strain
  • flower complex


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