Dutch Passion – Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain


male flower so that Dutch Passion’s feminised seeds proved to be stable and reliable once again. The appearance of a sativa phenotype in this Blue Moonshine grow was particularly interesting, as such a phenotype hasn’t been described in respective strain literature so far. And it was same as surprising that the indica phenotype achieved tall end heights of 145-158 cm, having grown rather into sativa dimensions. On the other hand, and this really was a paradox, the sativa phenotype grew much lower and more compact. The biggest surprise, however, came when it was time for Rocky Resin to put the dry Blue Moonshine harvest on the scales: Altogether, the six plants yielded amazing 240 grams, 40 g per plant on the average, pretty much for plants grown from seed – and much more than Rocky had expected after Dutch Passion’s moderate yield forecast. The high was precisely as described by Dutch Passion, however: Very strong, highly narcotic and long-lasting, Rocky Resin was definitely couch locked and impressed by Blue Moonshine’s outstanding indica potency. The sativa phenotypes provided a little bit of sativa freshness only at the very beginning of smoking, then the indica power quickly totally took over also here. On the whole, Rocky Resin considered Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain that even clearly exceeded his expectations.

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