Royal Automatic Cannabis Seeds – Royal Queen Seeds – Overall the Royal Automatic was quick and easy to grow


x3 seeds were sown from a packet of Royal Queen Royal Automatic into a damp tray of coco fibre in the glasshouse at 25c. Once hatched the seedlings were thinned to the healthi­est plant. After 7 days the plant was transplanted into a large wide shallow plant pot filled with coco fibre and Bio Biz All-mix. The plant was not fed any nutrients for the first 3 weeks. After 3 weeks the plant started to show flowers. Having never grown any auto-flowering varieties before, and having heard bad reports about them, we didn’t really know what to expect. The flowers started in the main leaf nodes as nor­mal, but instead of growing sideways each flower grew upwards towards the sky. At this stage a feed of homemade guano tea was given to the plant.

By week 5 the flowers looked like a cross between birthday party candles and ears of wheat. The smell was only noticeable when the plant was brushed against or moved about in the glass­house or when the stems were rubbed. Then a deep fruity smell was released just like juicy fruit chewing gum. The Royal Automatic grew less than 1 meter tall by harvest and was like a skinny pole plant without any side branches. Each bract of the flowers had swelled out fully and over 50% of the hairs had withered to an orange colour. The whole plant was harvested at around 60days. The main fan leaves and shade leaves were trimmed off This left a load of spindly flowers on the main stem. After drying for 3 days the flowers were left to cure for 3 days more and they were then ready for smoking. When crushed the flowers had a fruity plastic smell that reminded us of `Toys R Us’. The taste was like a matured fruity cheese. The effect was up and sativa-like. Overall the Royal Automatic was quick and easy to grow. Being feminized and auto-flowering all you have to do is plant them out and wait for them to flower. This strain is good for new growers and glasshouse growers that aren’t so concerned with yields. We’ll definitely be sowing the remaining seeds in the pack in 2010.

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Environ: glasshouse
Method: standard
Medium: coco and Bio Biz All-mix 50/50
Nutrient: homemade guano tea
Grow time: 0 days
Flower time: 60 days
Plant structure: pole
Bud structure: leafy and crystalline
Scent: juicy fruit chewing gum / plastic
Effect: sativa-like
Yield: low

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