Royal Queen Seeds – Blue Mystic – the buds gave a nice relaxing smoke with a fruity spicy


The seeds were sown into jiffy7 peat pellets and put into a propagator under a 125w environlite. Once sprouted I do not like feminized seeds too much, because I get bigger yield from regular strain, but in the past me and my homiez had already grown some strains from Sweet Seeds, all with a top quality smoke with strong and long lasting effects. So I started with 3 seeds because the grew short and stocky they stayed in the propagator for a few weeks. At the third to forth internode and placed under a 600w Sunmaster for about 2 months.

Once grown on, cuttings were taken and the plants were supper-cropped by removing the lower branches and non-productive shoots. The plants were then placed into 12/12 cycle. Feeding was only started during the 12/12 cycle using 25-30m1 Iguana Juice Bloom. The following were also used H2, Fl acid, carbo-load, sensi organic B, and pH down to 6.3pH. The plants grew quickly and needed the top cola bend­ing to stop it growing into the lamp.

The calyxes formed all the way along the main branches at an even rate. After the 5th week of flowering the feed was replaced with pH corrected tap water. Because of the long veg. period the Blue Mystic matured really fast. The plants were chopped at 49 days 12/12. The yield was average. The buds look dream. E couldn’t figure out the smell, definitely not Blueberry, but very Mystic. Hung for 5-6 days the buds gave a nice relaxing smoke with a fruity spicy taste and smell. The Blue Mystic clones easy, but a few abnormal flowers appeared on the clones afterwards, but not on the original seed plants.

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Environ: 125w envirolite + 600w hps
Method: supper cropping
Medium: 50% Canna Coco 50% Atami kilo mix
Nutrient: Advanced Nutrients (organic range)
Grow time: 3 months
Flower time: 7 weeks
Plant structure: indica with heavy branching
Bud structure: thick set
Scent: fruity spice
Effect: relaxing

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