Mexican Grow Report


American and Canadian strains are very big — Love Potion, Kush, Blueberry, Purple strains AKA the Purps, are all more common in Mexico. Gone are the days of smoking only Popo Blue, Punta Rojo, Alcapulco Gold, etc. Now you can find almost anything that won a High Times Cannabis Cup. Mexico is taking over where British Colombia left off. Thanks to Colombian and American (US) influences the quality of Mexican weed has improved significantly in recent years. Much is being grown in greenhouses or in controlled outdoor gardens. Most small and midsize growers have no affiliations with organized crime until they have to sell their crop. The Mexican mafias provide their only commercial outlet with cash in hand.

Oaxaca is developing a name for sieved hash, although it is lower quality than you might find in central Mexico or the new hash capital, Culiacan, Sinaloa. Those in the know can find top quality ice hash in this mafia-controlled capital — $300 for 100 grams. Small gardens both indoors and outdoors are more common in Mexico. Growers with small connoisseur plots are producing for their own personal pleasure rather than for export. Proximity to the US hydroponic stores as well as a sprinkling of big box stores — Home Depot, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. — make it easy to find all the supplies necessary to grow a great crop. A general rule of thumb is marijuana is higher quality the closer to the US border.

More Mexicans than ever are smoking today. Old macho stereotypes are softening as the country modernizes and the marijuana taboo is fading into the past. Young people are the ones breaking with tradition. In fact, Tourist stores even carry paraphernalia and on a recent trip across the Tijuana border a Mexican friend bought a bong from a street vendor!

Top quality strains sell for about $2,000 USD a pound, but, don’t hold your breath before inhaling. You still an amigo to find a good deal. And novices should be careful because “la mordida” (the bite or bribe) of the police is part of the culture that has not changed.

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