Fat buds Discover Easy Ways to Get Bigger Harvests Right Now


We get hundreds of read­ers’ photos of cannabis every month Master Kush. We love them, especially when the world’s hottest babes are undressed in them, but we keep noticing a persistent problem that we want to solve for you.

This problem is that many of you are growing plants that have too much vertical stem growth, and not enough bud growth.

When we see a plant that is for example four feet tall, half or more of the height is in stem growth, and most of that stem growth is NOT stem that is covered in sticky, gooey, dense, large-diameter buds-we see a big problem.

Indeed, many of you who are growing indoors have a limited amount of height to grow in. You have your lights above your plants, of course, and this limits how tall your plants can get. You need to get the most bud growth per inch of stem. That’s why you need your plants as short and productive as you can make them.

Outdoors, you probably don’t have light-related physical height limitations- after all, the sun is pretty far away and your plants are not likely to bump into the sun anytime soon, but you do want your plants to be as short and productive as possible. The shorter they are, the less likely they are to be seen by rip-offs and police.

But it’s obvious to us from looking at reader photos that many growers are not using several easy ways to get bigger harvests by controlling the ratio of stem to bud, and by limiting vertical height.

So as always we at Soft Secrets are the only people giving you the insider secrets from the world’s most successful grow­ers so you get bigger, better harvests and make the most from your grow equip­ment, nutrients, electricity and time.

Please note that these yield-boosting instructions have to be applied slightly differently, depending on whether you are growing clones or seedlings, indoors or outdoors, and on the particulars of your overall crop season length.

Give Them Lots of Light Early

Some people think you should be very gentle with clones and seedlings when it comes to how much light you give them early on.

But the most successful growers pump high intensity light onto their clones and seedlings as soon as they can. It’s true that clones sometimes need to be rooted under fluorescent or lower-intensity light because they haven’t developed a root system that can handle huge demands from intense photosynthesis or intense heat from grow lamps yet. Yet, we’ve seen clones rooted under sunlight and high intensity light, no problem.

It all depends on the genetics, quality and health of your clones and seedlings. For example, if you want to baby your weed video

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