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In this is issue of Soft Secrets we are going to take a closer look at Harvesting, Drying, and Curing. The aftercare of cannabis can be conducted quickly in a matter of minutes or slowly over a period of several months. Harvesting, Drying, and Curing are all areas of cultivation which often get overlooked by even experienced growers. Having spent several months cultivating a variety of cannabis, the harvesting and drying periods especially are often rushed -partly due to inpatients on behalf of the grower and partly down to the illegality that cannabis cultivation presents. With hundreds of methods of Harvesting, Drying, and Curing available to the grower, Soft Secrets has decided to cover only the most popular techniques in this report.


At the end of the flowering period as plants mature they are ready for Harvesting. Cannabis can be harvested using a number of different methods and techniques. The method used to harvest the plants usually relates to the quantity under cultivation and the quality of cannabis the grower is aim­ing to achieve. 0ther factors includ­ing the net weight, commercial value, flavour, the medicinal effect, and even lunar cycles may also be taken into consideration when choosing an exact day when to harvest Super Skunk

Harvest-time for home-growers often falls randomly; in relation to the lon­gevity of the variety being grown and the date it was entered into flowering. Harvest-time for commercial growers however is usually a planned event – down to the exact day /week. Many indoor commercial growers will in fact work backwards on a calendar from the date of harvest to the day when they need to take clones or sow seeds. Connoisseurs may also use a micro­scope or light-loop to judge peak potency of the glandular trichomes before harvesting. 0ther growers will judge harvest-times by eye, in relation to the flowering time, or in correlation with astronomical events such as the wax or wane of the moon.

The time that it takes to harvest a single cannabis plant ultimately depends on the variety being grown and the meth­od of harvesting used. Typically’indica’ species of cannabis are smaller, hold larger leaves and fewer bud-sites, mak­ing them easier and less time consum­ing to harvest. The’sativa’species on the other hand tend to grow tall with many individual leaves and an abundance of bud-sites. These plants are naturally more time consuming to harvest.

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