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Harvesting by Scissor

Harvesting by scissor is the most com­mon and productive way to harvest cannabis while maintaining the over­all quality of the resin on the flowers. Precision engineered, razor sharp, and comfortable to the grip, the perfect tool for removing leaf material from can­nabis flowers. There are a whole range of scissors available for harvesting can­nabis from miniature bonsai snipers to gigantic shears. More often than not, the closest pair of scissors to hand are the ones growers use in the gar­den. Asharp, clean, comfortable, pair of stainless steal bladed scissors will help prevent callasts from forming on the hands, and makes the collection of ‘Scissor-Hash’ later a much easier task.

Harvesting by scissor allows growers to remove every last morsel of leaf mate­rialfrom the plant. This involves remov­ing the main fan leaves, the shade leaves, and the tiny bud leaves that sit closest to the flowers. The trim-waste of which is normally retained for making water/ice hash with later. The degree to which a grower trims the plants by scissor will depend on their own per­sonal preference and time limitations. For example, a commercial grower with a high rate of production may wish to roughly remove the bulk of the ‘green’ material leaving as much of the ‘crystal’ material intact to help increase the overall net weight. Conversely acon­noisseurgrower may wish to spend the extra time to remove all the surround­ing leaf material so as to achieve abet­terquality (and tasting) product.

The more leaf material left on the plant the longer the drying stage later. For this reason most home-growers will either opt for removing the majority of the leaves by scissor before dry­ing; or dry the plant after removing the fan-leaf only; thus removing the shade-leave later as/when they con­sumethe flowers. 0ther home growers and medicinal users may simply hang a whole plant upside down from its roots to top cola, forget about it for a few

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