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weeks, and come back to flowers that are dry-cured and ready to smoke.

Harvesting by scissor also has the added bonus of a substance called ‘Scissor-Hash’ – (the stuff that accumu­lates onthe blades of the scissors when trimming the plants). This is where a clean pair of stainless steal scissors out­shines arusty set of scissors that are covered in dirt or paper glue. The col­lected Scissor-Hash containsthe natural oils of the plant, the resin, the orange hairs (sepals), and a small percentage of crushed plant material. Scissor-Hash can be consumed fresh or it can be collected together and dried to form a type of Charas or Scuff. “Scuff” being the name given to the residue resin and plant material that congregates when manicuring cannabis flowers -usually by machine.

Harvesting by Machine

Harvesting by Machine is ideally suited to commercial growers that do not have the time or quality control to manicure each flower individually by hand. The severity by which the plants are butchered dur­ing any mechanical process depends on the machine (and the operator). Some harvesting machines look like they were designed to remove as much resin from the flowers as is physically possible with­out using water and ice, while other trim­ming machines are more forgiving -albeit often less forgiving on the operator. 0ne device we witnessed at a recent Hemp Expo looked like it could remove an arm or a leg, let alone a 5g wet (2g dry) flower from a 6 foot sativa (!)

Harvesting by Machine generally works on the principle, of a device which enables the leaves to be removed from the plant. Typically this involves an operator turning individual branches, like awood-turner on a lathe, over an encased revolving drill bit or rotational blade. Totally automated machines, which resemble hybrid incuba­tion units /photocopiers, can even con­veyer-belt flowers to their certain peril, before speed drying them and depositing them (devoid of resin) into a purposely housed collection box.

Many commercial trimming machines actually devoir whole gardens so quickly that they need to be sprayed with lubrica­tionoil on a regular basis, just to keep the blades spinning. The residue of which is often transferred onto the oil based resin surrounding the cannabis flowers -thus impairing its natural flavour and taste. The trim-waste from which is also taint­ed. Further development and research is therefore needed in the area of harvest­ing cannabis by machine, without wast­ing essential oils and resin, before this method of harvesting can be seriously considered by the connoisseur.


After harvesting the plants it is impor­tantthat the flowers a dried. Drying can be conducted indoors and outdoors, wherever humidity is not too high and the temperature is never too hot or

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