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too cold. Anywhere between 18-21 c is an ideal temperature to dry plants under. The method used to dry the plants again depends on the quantity and quality of cannabis the grower is working with. In general the slower the drying process the better the tasting the cannabis will be later. Each grower will however use a slightly different method when drying, at different times of year, with different types of canna­bis, with different results.

Drying the cannabis firstly allows the water content of the plant material to escape. When a plant is harvested it begins to wilt and its plant pores (stomata) open up in search of moisture. At this time, if the atmosphere is warm and arid, the plant begins to transpire and looses water rap­idly. After the leaves have been removed the flowers will start to look for moisture from the bases of their stems. For this reason many growers will remove flowers from the main stems before drying.

As the flowers loose water they are sus­ceptible to anaerobic bacteria and mold – so a fan is normally used to aid circula­tion indoors. Likewise commercial grow­ers will often have a separate carbon-filter to remove any unwanted smell associated with the drying process. It is also impor­tant to dry cannabis that has hosted any pests, molds, plant viruses, and diseases well away from healthy growing plants – so as to reduce the risk of contamination from the dead plant material onto fresh. Many growers will often allocate a sepa­ratedrying area for this very reason.

Cannabis flowers can also be speed dried using several methods. The most popular of which includes the use of a domestic oven, microwave oven, or a warm win­dow-sill on a sunny day. It is however important to remember that the three major contributors in the decomposition of cannabis resin are Heat, Sunlight, and Friction. For this reason cannabis is ideally dried in a cool, dark, and statutory envi­ronment, with the maximum amount of care taken to reduce handling the flowers down to an absolute minimum.

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