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Curing cannabis is a matter of prefer­ence and taste -like so much in life. The Abattoir (butcher) hangs meat in a clean environment for several weeks to mature the meat and improve its flavour. The Viniculturalist (wine-maker) lays bottles of wine down in a cellar so that it can express its full bouquet. The Pastoralist (cheese-maker) allows the outer edges of the cheese to dry in a correct environ­ment, sothat the soft center of the cheese can mature at an even rate and improve its taste.The dedicated Grower then’cures’ their cannabis in much the same way, to improve the smell, taste, flavour and bou­quet of the flowers.

0nce the cannabis flowers have been dried they are now ready for curing. The cure provides the flowers with the perfect environment so that the chloro­phyll (green taste) can be fully removed, the essential oils (smell and flavour) can develop, and so that the cannabinoids (high stone) covering the flowers can reach their peak potential in potency. The cure mostly makes the flowers taste better when smoked; and when eaten. During the curing process the chlorophyll that is trapped within the cells of the plant slowly deteriorates. Since chlorophyll is the main culprit in cannabis that tastes like ‘grass’, then a good cure is essential to any grower that wants to get the best flavour from their product.

There are various containers that can be used for the curing stage. These include glass mason jars, tuperwear boxes, jam jars, metal tins, earthenware vessels with lids, shoe boxes, old storage drums and bread bins. Any container with a lid will help prevent unwanted dust, cat /dog hairs, spliff-ash, spiders, and any other stray bodies from contaminating the flow­ers during the curing stage. A clean con­tainer that has space to breath, without being totally hermetically sealed, is most ideal for this process, and will maintain the flowers in perfect condition.

Many growers will dry the flowers entirely before entering the flowers into the cur‑

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