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ing stage (if at all). It is always important to remove the major percentage of water from the flowers before attempting to cure them. This will avoid a re-hydration of the flowers from occurring, which in the worst case scenario will encourage the onset of anaerobic bacteria and unwant­ed mold. 0ne of the easiest ways to test to see if a flower of cannabis is dry and ready to cure is to snap the base of its stem. If the stem bends or gives resistance, then the flower is not yet ready for curing.

Alternatively many connoisseur canna­bis growers will leave a small percentage (S-10%) of the water in the flowers after drying when curing.This technique slowly purges water from the flowers during the next few weeks of the curing process. By leaving a small percentage of water (S%) within the flowers before placing them into the curing containers, growers are able to re-hydrate the flowers slightly. By opening the container daily to allow the excess moisture that has escaped from the flowers to evaporate, a slow equilib­rium is reached. Arguably this method produces a slightly more even cure and allows the essential oils within the flowers to fully express themselves.

Growers suffering from the tasteless results of a failed outdoor (or indoor) crop or early harvest can apply a few ingenious techniques to improve the flavour of their flowers during the cure. By placing scent­ed substances into the curing containers alongside the flowers growers have been able to impart a better taste into onto their cannabis -one that dramatically improves the overall flavour. Substances including dried lemon peel, pepper corns, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla pods. These are just a few of the natural flavour enhancers that have been used by home growers and profes­sionals within the cannabis industry over the years to improve the bouquet of an otherwise tasteless cannabis crop.

Ultimately the best way to learn how to Harvest, Dry, and Cure cannabis flow­ers is to experiment, speak with other growers, and have fun.

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