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Whereas in the previous article I was primarily focussing on the first period of the grow cycle of Skunk 11, in this issue we are going to be going deeper in to the second period. The plants in the meantime have been in bloom for about four weeks. With a further seven weeks to go (Skunk 11 blooms for around 11 weeks), there is still a whole load to talk about

In the first part of the Skunk 11 series you could read about how we let the plants pre-grow in a layer of soil. We did this because in the beginning there is too much light (from the lamps) reach­ing the base of the growing tub which would shine on the roots. The leaf cover of the young clones was at that stage not yet developed enough to shield them from the strong light, thanks to which the roots, without the thin layer of soil, would not be lying in the dark. After about five days to a week, the leaf cover appeared to be thick and developed enough for us to carefully remove the layer of soil.

Growing on water

By removing the layer of soil we avoid the grow tub being turned into a mud pool. We were aiming to grow the Skunk 11 plants from now on in water, after all. For doing this it is handy if we use grow tubs from the very beginning, which are pretty useful in terms of shape (so that we can easily set up a grow space with them), and also have reasonable height to them. Thanks to this we can avoid the problem of water flowing over their rim, which would immediately reduce the grow space to a sopping wet mess. Ideal tubs for growing in are those trays used in the home as overflow traps placed under washing machines. These trays are cheap, very strong, have use­ful dimensions and thanks to their white colour, the strong light from the lamps is reflected, and the illumination of the plants is substantially improved as a result. In short, they have a whole bunch of benefits, and it is not for nothing that these domestic trays meant for wash­ing machines have become so popular among growers. The trays measure 70 x 70 cm and are 11 cm in height. They are available in pretty much every builder’s supplies and department stores. Your local grow shop will probably also have a selection of grow tubs available, which are great for growing on water with.

After we have first of all removed the layer of soil and filled the trays with water, we first have to give the plants a couple of days to settle. Such a radi­cal change of environment is a pretty big deal for them after all! But Skunk 11 plants quickly find their feet, and once they do they find the medium of just water very much to their liking. The leaves of the plants develop a huge number of `fingers, a sure sign that they’re happy plants. And when you know how to tweak things just to their liking, Skunk 11 plants will reward you with a great harvest!

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