Kannabis Seeds – a classic is back with renovations galore


In this seed bank interview, we speak to Pato, the manager of Kannabia Seeds, a seed bank that is back with a vengeance, with plenty of new varieties and changes to its catalogue.

Tell us a little bit about how you started growing.

It was really when I went to university. I looked after some other students’ plants. 100% recycled material. There was nothing like the same stuff available we have today. But I already had a green vein running through my blood. Plants have changed my life.

Later you got an apprenticeship in Switzerland with a professional grow.

It was thanks to my girlfriend. She had the idea of going to Switzerland to work on manicures (stripping marijuana). So you can imagine my surprise when we were assigned a plantation of more than 400 mothers and dealing in clones. It had me hooked. It was a chance to learn about everything. I met Scott Blake, aka Shantibaba, in person, who very quickly `contaminated’ me with his same passion for this work. It was he who helped me decide just what I wanted to spend the next few years of my life doing.

How did you get offered the job as manager for Kannabia Seeds?

I was at home, early summer. I had just given up on a two-year project working with the selection of mothers and cutting, and had decided to take some time off to travel, when I got the offer. I didn’t doubt for a second. It’s like a

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