Reptile Lights Marijuana grow – Questions to Jorges Cervantes


Could you use reptile heat lights instead of fluorescent lights because I’m broke and green is too expensive.

Dauphin, Antwerp

There are several kinds of reptile lights. Incandescent reptile lamps produce heat and often increased UV (ultraviolet) light. Such lamps are terribly inefficient producing little useable light for the amount of electricity consumed. Plans will grow poorly under incandescent reptile lamps. Fluorescent reptile lamps in general produce less heat and more useable light for plant growth than incan­descents. If you have a reptile lamp that produces a “daylight” spectrum, plants will grow fairly well under it. But, remember fluorescent lamps do not produce enough light for plants to form dense buds and flowering time could also be pro­longed. Reptile lights are expensive. Consider purchasing inexpensive daylight fluorescent lamps at a discount store. Since you are on a tight budget, check out the 65w compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that you can find at most discount building stores. Such lamps cost €15 or less and produce enough light for plants to form fairly dense buds. This is your best bet to harvest descent buds.

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