I threw a handful of random low-grade commercial seed in my yard in early March. About a month ago after a heavy rain about 10 plants sprouted up and now they are 1 – 1.3 m tall. Do I need to do anything to get them to bud or do I just let nature do its thing?

Fred, Madrid, Spain

Without your help the plants will flower in the fall responding to the shortening day length. Then, if there are both males and females, which is most likely since there are 10 plants, the males will release pollen to the wind and the female’s flowers, the ones that are prized, will be seeded. To avoid this you must intervene by removing the males before their flowers ripen and open their petals.

The plants’ growth and the flower size will be dependent in part on how nutrient-rich the soil is and how much water the roots have access to, as well as on weather conditions. By fer­tilizing and irrigating you will increase yield.

You don’t have to intervene at all -plants have been doing well without human help for millions of years. However, to get a larger crop with bigger buds the plants need more nu­trients. Adding fertilizers or other nutrient-rich additives gives the plant the minerals it needs to grow. Dry soil slows plant processes as the plant conserves water to avoid drying out. This affects growth. 1rrigating soil so it has adequate moisture keeps roots in a healthful state and promotes fast growth.

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