I have some seedlings in small containers growing inside. They are a few centimeters high. I want to do early sexing then grow the females a bit be­fore Itransplant them outdoors in the spring. Everything I have read cites a 12/12 light cycle.

For practical reasons, I will need to put them into darkness at around 2 p.m. every day that is to say they will get 9 hours of full sunlight, and 15 of absolute darkness.

mill using this cycle run me into any problems in terms ofgetting the plants to reveal their sex, and then placing them back outdoors during what is now the gradually lengthening light cycle (now at 13 light, 11 dark)

F. J.

The plants will quickly respond to a light regime of 9 hours light, 15 hours of darkness. The sex should become apparent within two weeks. As soon as the plants indicate, move them back to a vegetative regime of 18 hours on, 5 hours off. By gi­ving them a 5-hour daily dark period rather than continuous light, they won’t be shocked by the light regime change when they are placed outside.

Another way of checking for sex is to let the plants grow large enough for you to remove a branch from each. Mark the plants and branches. Then set the branches in a rooting mix or water and place them under the flowering regime, while the plants continue under vegetative. The branches will indicate sex. The clone mothers will be the same sex as the corresponding branches. This way the young plants’ vegetative growth is not interrupted for sexing.

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  • sexing plants outdoors
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  • זיהוי מין מריחואנה
  • sexing plants before placing outdoors
  • זיהוי מין קנאביס
  • geslachtsbepaling zaad plant
  • זיהוי קאנביס


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