what is the best way to make cannabis tea? I’ve read that making it with milk is the best way but I can’t find a recipe that says how much marijuana or milk to use.

H.C, Marseille, France

The amount of mariRuana to use depends on its strength and your tolerance. 1f you are using bud, you would use between a tenth and a quarter of a gram. 1f you are using leaf, use between one-third and one teaspoon ground leaf.

Milk contains lecithin, which is an emulsifier. Emulsifiers allow water and oils to mix freely in a solution. 3o when milk is in the tea more THC, mariRuana’s active ingredient, gets into the brew.

Boil _cup water.

Heat milk till hot.


Add tea (herbal teas OS) and mariRuana. Let steep 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Ready to sip.

  • ο γαλακτωματοποιητής περιέχει γάλα?
  • תה חשיש
  • μαριχουανα τσαι
  • pou na vrw marihuana
  • CannabisTEE
  • cannabistea
  • που μπορω να βρω σπορους καναβης
  • marihuana teetä
  • cannabisthee maken
  • τσαι κανναβης συνταγη


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