What’s the best way to eliminate pungent odor in the grow room and house? Pietje, Utrecht, Holland

The three most popular methods for eliminating odor are: carbon filters, negative ion generators and ozone generators.

Both in-line and stand-alone carbon filters are very effective at pulling odor molecules from the air. There are many models to choose from. Always choose one rated for an area larger than you have.

Negative ion generators charge oxygen molecules with extra electrons, giving the molecules a negative charge. The electrons easily jump to positively charged odor molecules, which lack an electron, neutralizing them. Without being charged, molecules lose their odor and precipitate. Negative ions have been studied for their positive effect on human attentiveness and attitude, and on plant growth.

Ozone generators create the molecule 03. In air, the breathable oxygen is 02, or a pair of oxygen atoms. The three oxygen atoms in an ozone molecule are unstable, and one of the atoms is ready to jump to a positively charged molecule. The molecule is oxidi­zed and loses its odor.

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