I am growing two new strains.• Ultimate Indica/Mango and Ultimate Indica/ Romulan. Both plants are developing only leaves with one or three blades on them. They started growing like this once the clones started to root. Other then the weird leaves, the plants are otherwise healthy with deep green foliage and healthy vigorous growth.

The plants are growing in a 2X4 ebb & flow tray under 400w Hortilux HPS bulb. The room is CO2 enriched with a bottle spraying the plants from above. I’m using the Dutch Master One nutrient solution with foliage treatment, micronutrients, and Cal-Mag. Every two weeks I change the water and rinse with a complete salt flush.

I’m not concerned because the plants are healthy. I’m just curious and tired of gettingflipped off by my plants.


1 suspect that the two varieties Ultimate 1ndica genetics are progra­mmed to only grow single and three bladed leaves. 1observed a Tra­inwreck growing outdoors that exhibited the same phenomenon.

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