Critical Mass by Mr. Nice Seeds


Over the last couple of editions of Soft Secrets we’ve followed my plan to fill up a couple of stash jars.

I had been fresh out for a few months after breaking a leg in a skateboarding accident resulted in a trip to hospital and an operation, which saw a plate a five titanium screws inserted into my leg to put it all back together.

On leaving hospital I was prescribed enough tramadol to down a herd of elephants. But rather than depend on opiate derived pain killers, I preferred to administer my own pain relief.

Ultimately this led to me giving my personal stash a bit of a kicking (with my good leg), and now I was fresh out.

Dump the dealer!

I don’t “do” dealers so if I got none, I don’t take any. Simple as. How many heroin users could say the same?

But enough of the politics.

So far we’ve looked at how I built myself a fast and convenient grow space, and also how I chose my strain, based on a few important environmental variables, such as the genetic mix – a decisive factor in growing in a limited height situation.

Fast forward to today and we’re pretty much up to date.

After settling for the popular Critical Mass variety from renowned seed breeder “Mr Nice” seeds, it was time to wet some seeds.

I used the same technique I always use. Two pieces of kitchen roll with the seeds in between, popped in an old cleaned out ice cream tub, and put in a warm, dark environment.

I use my airing cupboard which creates a high humidity environment without being hot enough to fry the newly

sprouted seedlings. Once the seedlings are under way I simply pop them into some

rockwool cubes, pre-soaked in an aerated mix of pH adjusted water and formulex. Its quick. Its easy, and its uncomplicated. K.I.S.S.

30 hours or so after putting the seeds between the paper sheets and I’m ready to transfer them into rockwool.


Rockwool cubes bring with them a multitude of advantages over planting directly into compost. Not least of which if you don’t actually wish to use compost to grow with, it can make a mess of your nice clinically clean growing environment.

Using small 1 inch starter cubes makes the seedlings easily transportable, easy to handle, whilst also offering a fantastic medium for the young roots to do their thing unhindered, but before using them they need a little pre-treatment.

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