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along the lines of, “I think you might be a little high profile for me” and so it evolved…

Did Mr. Nice Seeds naturally develop or did it take lots of work to get things off the ground?

Since Neville and I had joined forces and had all the mothers and fathers of practically all strains, it was harder to choose which strains we’d use rather than create a new range. So it occurred with ease and good humor rather than any other way. Sort of like putting a new pair of shoes on that fitted per­fectly from the first step.

Are the seeds you currently produce at Mr. Nice Seeds today still based on the foundations of your original work?

Yes , but since we have been involved in owning and founding other existing seed companies we decided to change the names for all old existing strains except for `Super Silver Haze’. We did that since so many other seed compa­nies copied our original names but used different plants to make those seeds with. In fact look at `White Widow’ and how many companies offer it, all claim­ing it to be the original…that is why we renamed it `Black Widow’ and to this day no one has copied it.

What is GU?

`Gene Bank Technology’ was the name of the mother company I founded in Switzerland after leaving Holland. It was responsible for all the peripheral companies and activities we established afterwards like the Hemp beer , cloning nursery, essential oil distillation for the cosmetic industry, medical tincture (used for pain manage­ment of MS and Chemotherapy patients), and of course seed production.

GBT was closed and all assets were seized after 4 years of functioning nor­mally in Ticino…due to self righteous Prosecutors with a mission to eradicate Hemp in early 2003. To this day, no laws have ever been changed to initi­ate `Operation Indoor’, and cannabis is

legal to grow in Switzerland…as long as it is not done for the illegal drug mar­ket. But that is politics and paradox, too difficult to interpret if you are sitting on my side of the fence.

Please explain a little about what you call ‘The Marijuana Specialized Nursery’?

GBT took over an old silo with 11 floors in Bellinzona in 1999 and the top floor was made to house the entire mother and father plants in a huge `state of the art’ grow room. It contained 42 different original plants that, when com­bined to each other produced the same F1 seed or aroma or flower top time after time. So in that room we held a library of all the years work both Nevil and I had put into finding genetics to replicate . It was a specialized plant nursery dedicated to one plant type…. Cannabis.

Which visions does Shantibaba hold in garden for the future?

I do not really think about the future very much but I plan to go back to old seed stock of both Nevil’s and my own and pull a few old flavors out of the vaults. The thrill of making the strongest effecting Cannabis has gone for me , I prefer to concentrate on aromas and fla­vors in the future…since all my plants are proven to be strong enough already.

Grow some Olives and make some wine in between raising a few children gives me something to do during the night hours of my grow rooms and breeding projects…

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