Flower of the month – SOUR D


While medicinal patients in California favor OG Kush above all else, the Colorado Cannabis community has a penchant for Sour Diesel and it’s relatives.
Sour Diesel springs from the Chem Dawg line, that originated in Colorado, and has given rise to the most influential and beloved strains of Cannabis
in the world. The Diesel, Sour D’s immediate predecessor, came from the 12 seeds found in an pound of Chem Dawg, scored on a Grateful Dead tour
at some remote time in the past, circa 1991. The seeds were undoubtedly the product of hermaphrodite male flowers, and the several phenotypes
that came from the resulting females and two males made their way to Massachusetts. These Chem Dawgs were passed around a bit as cuts, and
a New York grower changed their name to Diesel. Some of these Dawgs or Diesels got pollinated, again by hermaphroditic male flowers, and these
resulting seeds became the Sour Diesel we have today. The several generations of hermaphrodite parents has led to the hermaphrodite tendencies
commonly rising in Sour Diesel. Cannabis patients recognize Sour Diesel mainly by it’s smell, taste and visual appearance . The primary concerns
of Sour Diesel cultivators are it’s flowering time to maturity, typical yield, availability of seeds or clones, and ease of propagation. The Cannabinoid
profile of Sour Diesel is also unique and interesting. Cannabis Voice will profile different Cannabis varieties and genetics of interest to medical patients and legal cultivators on a monthly basis. In addition to insightful
unbiased assessments of strains and their various medicinal
qualities, this feature will regularly include comprehensive grower /
patient interviews, and unrivaled photographic content.
Grower interview:
Q: What do you like and dislike most about Sour Diesel?
A: I don’t like its tendency to stretch and get too tall, but
even if it’s a bad run sour d’s always sell and look good.
Q: Any secret techniques for Sour D growers you’d like to
A: Sea of green technique is key to higher yields with the D.
Smaller plants helps mediate it’s drive to get lanky.
Q: What are the range of yield you’ve experienced with Sour
A: Pound to a pound and a quarter if you go organic and
don’t use phosphor load or bush master. With high Phosphorus
value frets some guys get higher yields… but not
Q: What sort of problems have you encountered in your experience
with Sour D?
A: I’ve noticed Sour d prefers a nutrient mix with a lower
ppm than other strains and it’ll yield poorly and get nutrient
lock up at high ppm, unlike OG Kush, or Headband
Q: What overall rating on a scale of one to ten would you
give Sour D?
A: I rate it a nine for the high which is unparalleled, sour
d is great working man’s herb cause you wanna work after
you smoke it
Patient interview:
Q: What condition do you have that qualifies you for Medicinal
A: I have anxiety and ADHD.
Q: What qualities of Sour Diesel make it best suited to your
A: I work so I need a medicine that doesn’t sedate me. I
like Sour Diesel because it improves my focus and concentration
in the work environment. I am more outgoing and
communicative with co-workers because my anxiety relaxes
a lot. It’s always there to some degree but with my meds
it’s background not foreground.
Q: How do you prefer to ingest your medicine?
A: I use full melt bubble hash and raw flowers, vaporized
when possible or smoked as needed.

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