Sour Diesel – Special Sativa Strain Report


Sour Diesel:
As with a countless number of other strains, there are many
differing accounts about how exactly this strain came
about. The pheno-story goes that Sour Diesel was born at a
Grateful Dead show somewhere in the Midwest—Colorado,
it is thought— when a variety of S1 Chem Dawg cuts were
exchanged. After this fateful genetic barter, the Chem-cuts
in question are said to have made their way to upstate New
York. From upstate New York, it’s believed the Chem Dawg
cuts were crossed with a (Mass. Super Skunk X Northern
Lights #5) phenotype, therein producing… the Sour Diesel.
Origin: Upstate New York – Sativa Dominant
Lineage: Colorado Chem Dawg X
(Mass. Super Skunk X Northern Lights #5)
Taste: Sour, Pungent
Buzz: Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain, which,
though very potent has unique, strongly sativa oriented
physiological effects that keep smokers giddy throughout
their high. It is one of the most desired sativas in the world
because of its pleasant cerebral effects, very conducive to
studying, cleaning, or doing nearly any arduous task.

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