In The Big Book of Buds you said that outdoor stmins usually do not do well indoors because there usually isn’t enough light to grow them indoors. I’ve been growing Twilight from Dutch Passion indoors in an area .9 x .8, .75M2 usinga 400 wattHPS and a 43o watt SonAgro (Phillips HPS side-by-side for a total of at least 134,5oo lux. In MJ Qustion? Ask Ed you said that plants outdoors can receive up to 16o,000 lux. The seedlings are doingwell in my wick and aeroponic systems, with short thick stems and fat, rich green leaves. Do you think 130,000 lux can sustain them long enough to grow them to maturity? The first time I grew Twilight indoors I used a 43o watt Son Agro. The plants were pretty small, but this crop is growing bigger

Canis Virens

You are supplying enough light to support the plant’s light needs. and can expect some big buds. The 160,000 lux occurs only at the peak of the day in near equatorial areas and most areas of the U.S. rarely receive more than 110,000 lux at peak hours during early summer. Your plants are receiving more light than they would outside.

As Jong as you supply them with adequate water and nutrients, keep the temperature at 27-28 degrees and keep the CO2 levels high, the plants will have fast growth and good yields.

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