I have a small garden that’s about a meter square and I’ve used CO2 before in theform ofdub soda without salt added (seltzer). I’m not satisfied with the results. I did get a good harvest but I don’t think it was worth the effort. I don’t wart to invest hundreds of dollars into a CO2 tank for such a small garden. What do you think about Alka Seltzer? When mixed with water it emits lange quantities of CO2, quite a bit more than Club soda plus it’s cheaper; easier and it seems like it would be more effective.

Nick Vaughn

Gardeners find that spraying seltzer on their seedlings increases their growth and stem stoutness. However, it isn’t a good idea to spray buds with water, especially as they near ripening.

I get a stomachache just thinking about how much Alka-Seltzer will cost you and how ineffective Chose little pills will be. They will su­pply the plants with occasional bursts of CO2 but won’t supply them with constant enrichment during the lighted hours.

Although a CO2 unit that measures gas parts per million and su­pplements it as needed is a costly up-front investment, it is well worth it, and will pay for itself in increased yield the first crop. It will increase the yield considerably and costs pennies a day to run in a small garden.

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