Kannabia Seeds interview


Tell us a little bit about how you started growing.

Pato: It was really when I went to university. Ilooked after some other students’ plants. 100% recycled material. There was nothing like the same stuff available we have today. But I already had a green vein running through my blood. Plants have changed my life.

Later you got an apprenticeship in Switzerland with a professional grower. It was thanks to my girlfriend. She had the idea of going to Switzerland to work as trimmers. So you can imagine my surprise when we were assigned a plantation of more than 400 mothers and dealing in clones. I was hooked. It was a chance to learn about everything. I met Scott Blake, aka Shantibaba, in person, who very quickly’contaminat­ed’ me with his same passion for this work. It was he who helped me decide just what I wanted to spend the next few years of my life doing.

How did you get offered the job as manager for Kannabia Seeds?

I was at home, early summer. I had just given up on a two-year project work­ing with the selection of mothers and cuttings, and had decided to take some time off to travel, when I got the offer. I didn’t doubt for a second. It was like a dream come true. I still find it difficult to believe that I am just so lucky to be

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