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For as long as I can remember (which these days isn’t very long), there have been attempts to come up with a perfect (stable) Indica/Sativa Hybrid. Indeed, there have been some classic examples available over the years but White Russian, from Serious Seeds, surely ranks as one of the greatest of all. This Indica/Sativa hybrid simply is of out­standing quality. Feminized seeds of this legendary plant were only released by Serious Seeds this year! BySteve&Dawn It delivers a staggeringly strong ‘up’ high that has the ability (when smoked exces­sively) to get quite’trippy’. 0n top of this, it has excellent staying power – it’s a very long lasting stone that just gets better and better with the passage of time. In short, this isn’t a smoke for the faint hearted! Awhile ago I was lucky enough to receive some White Russian seeds from Soft Secrets. I planted them in’Root Riot’ blocks, and as the outside temperature was a ‘summery’ 22 degrees, I put them in an un-heated propagator and set them in the corner of the 400w M/Halide veg’room, and waited. While I waited, I rustled together the base mix that I would be using dur­ing the veg’ and bloom  stages, B’Cuzz Kilo mix from Atami. Since this was what I nearly always used for its abso­lute ease and reliability, Ifound Istill had enough time to do some essential fan maintenance. As I mentioned, the outside tempera­ture was starting to get warmer, and when one morning this jumps to the high 20’s the last thing you want to be doing is picking half an ounce of sticky fluff and crud out of your fan cages in order to maximize your air flow. 36 hours after planting the White Russian, the first seedling appeared, and within the next 24 hours all were up, and I removed the propagator lid. 0ver the next few days I potted the seed­lings into 3.1/2 pots and moved them progressively closer to the lamp until they were sitting at a distance that I could com­fortably hold the back of my hand to the lamp over the tops of the seedlings. 0ver the next few days they estab­lished themselves well, and once the 2nd ‘true’ set of leaves had formed I pinched out the growing tip on a cou­ple of the plants. Also, I now (day 9. on 18/6 lighting) gave a mild feed (1/2 dose) of Canna Terra Flores), which by day 9 was full doses every watering. Apart from a re-pot to 6 pots and then to 10” pots the veg’ grow was quite uneventful, (apart from removing any growing shoots low down on the plant to divert all growing energy to the top of the plant). The plants seemed to like the constant feeds, and looked nice and healthy. The temperature in the veg room had stayed around 27-28 degrees (thanks to the de-fluffed fans), so on day 28 of 18/6 they were moved in their 10” pots to the ‘bloom’ room. And that’s when the trouble started. The bloom area is an enclosed space of 2m x 1 m x 1.7m high. It’s Mylar reflecte

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