Serious Seeds – An interview with Simon, one of the last of the old school Dutch seed breeders


It’s the biggest decision in a grower’s calendar year: what variety of seed shall I grow? But that decision has never been harder. American, Canadian and Spanish companies are proliferating and new Dutch breeders are popping up just as fast. Between them they offer a huge number of strains originating from thousands of breeders (or more com­monly,sold via the exploding number of re-sellers).

0ne solution to this explosion of choice is to just stick with the classics, the tried-and-trusted, the stable strains with a documented track record from a company with proven integrity and genuine customer focus, as they say in the straight business world.

Serious Seeds is considered among the elite of Dutch seed merchants, one that has stayed true to its original goal of providing a small number of great strains and never compromising quality. With nearly 20 international prizes accu­mulated between them and close to 100% germination rates, Serious Seeds offers as sterling a guarantee of quality as anyone in the market.

It’s only after the interview had finished that the full significance of my meeting with Simon from Serious Seeds hits me. The man is the horticultural equivalent of a rock star; in any other profession he would be dogged by paparazzi and mobbed by fans in the street! Instead, he is shrouded with the anonymity that comes from working in the – at best – greyarea of cannabis breeding. Perhaps it’s for the best.

You may not know the name or the face, but if you’re at all serious about your cannabis, you’ll have tried the fruits of Simon’s artistry: AK-47, Kali Mist, White Russian, Bubblegum -all are among the most powerful (up to 22%THC), medici­nally effective and well known cannabis strains known to man. Add Chronic and the latest variety, Serious 6, and you have the company’s full range.

Nature lover Simon lives the good life in a small village outside Amsterdam where he keeps chickens, various pets and has been a professional falconer and falcon breeder for years. Soft Secrets caught up for a chat with the ide­alistic 50-year-old seed entrepreneur.

Most of our readers are familiar with your company but for those that aren’t please tell us a bit of how you got started in this business.

“I’ve never smoked any tobacco in my life – I hate the smell. But at university I had found that I loved the smell of cannabis. But because in the Netherlands we have this terrible habit of mixing it with tobac­co, it had never crossed my mind because I was a non-smoker.

So I was already 25 when I smoked can­nabis for the first time. I was taking a break from my biology studies to visit Zimbabwe. Everything changed when I was offered joints of pure cannabis – African’bush weed’withthe seeds plucked out. I always liked the scent of hash being smoked around me, so I tried and loved it! It was the start of a big change in my life. During more than seven months in Africa I found some of the best weed of

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