Viable Cannabis Seeds


I’m a first time grower. How long does it take for a seed to sprout? I am growing indoors and using very good soil. I’m using a 150w light. I planted two seeds one green and one white next to each other. Is that 0K?


Good viable seeds soaked overnight in watershould show signs ofsprouting within 24 hours, at most 48 hours. You should see a small white tap root (radicle) emerg­ingfrom the seed as a first sign of germination. 0nce the seed shows signs of ger­mination, place it between a moist paper towel on a plate. Keep the paper towel evenly moist until the tap root is about 1 cm long. 0nce the tap root has sufficiently emerged, it is time to plant.

Green and white seeds are probably not viable and if they do sprout, they will be weak. A simple test to discern a viable seed is to roll it in between your index finger and thumb applying a little bit of pressure. If it crushes easily, it is immature and not viable. Another testis to toss it in a glass of water. In general viable seeds will sink to the bottom in a few minutes to a couple of hours. Non-viable seeds tend to float.

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