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Ortega Indica is the first medical strain officially classified as such by Dutch Passion. Its pedigree dates back to origi­nalstock from breeder Neville’s legendary Seed Bank of the eighties, consisting of the original ortega Indica and Northern Lights #1. Henk from Dutch Passion reports about the breeding history of the strain: “In the ninetees we did experi­ments in Switserland with many varieties. Part of these varieties was old Neville stock, six or seven varieties if I remember well. one of them was the original ortega Indica crossed with Northern Lights #1 done by Neville. In Switserland we did selective breeding on this strain which resulted in our ortega Indica #3. After the Swiss experiments a different pro­ducer continued the work on this strain (for achieving a non-morning-after effect) in Holland which resulted in the current ortega Indica. This producer does not harvest fast, but lets the plants mature well. often flowering consists of two or three waves, the third wave taking anoth­er extra two weeks.’ Like many other Dutch Passion strains, ortega Indica is only available as a femi­nised seed strain. She can be cultivated with good results in both indoor and greenhouse environments. Under natu­ral light, she reaches maturity in the third week of october. Flowering time is 8-1o weeks, leaving the plants with compact buds that provide a medium yield. ortega Indica plants are expected to stay small (dwarf-like) and compact, being quite homogeneous. The high is medium strong. According to Dutch Passion, “ortega Indica is a good vari­ety to smoke before going to sleep, a feature present in all Indica’s, but more extreme in ortega Indica. It works as an effective sleeping pill and tranqui­lizer.’ It’s also expected to provide a good pain killing effect to the con­sumer. Dutch Passion further reports: “Specific for ortega Indica in the second place, and not experienced by other Indicas is the fact that its high does not have a cloudy morning after effect. This term expresses that the morning after smoking ortega Indica, almost no can­nabiseffects are experienced any more. Waking up with a clear mind is not that much experienced after takinig sleep­ing pills or tranquilizers (side effects).’ ortega Indica’s aroma is described as earthy, spicy and tobacco-like. German grower The Doc conducted an ortega Indica test grow. Due to limited space (he also had some other strains growing in his room) he only sowed three feminised ortega Indica seeds. The Doc’s plants, however, are always blessed with quite a long vegetative growth period and plenty of light, yielding good results in terms of size and harvest in the end.The three seeds germinated well and were cultivated in the beginning under two 125 W CFL lights (64oo Kelvin).Two weeks after germination, the plants measured about 15 cm and were extremely compact and also homogeneous, already featuring a lot of side branch development.The Doc replaced the CFL lights with two 6oo W Planta Star HPS bulbs, so the plants were coddled with plenty of light. In the third week, the plants did not increase much in height, but their side branches began to spurt dynamically, making for a very bushy and compact growth model. After four weeks, the three ortega Indica plants still were very homogeneous. The Doc induced flowering by reducing the daily light cycle from 18 to 12 hours. The two Planta Star bulbs were replaced by two 6oo W osram Son -T bulbs specially suit­able for the flowering period. The three plants had meanwhile reached a height of 5o-6o cm and a diameter of 3o-4o cm. The fun was about to begin now. After the first week of flowering, it became evident that the plants would significantly stretch, a few days later they had already arrived at a height of 7o-8o cm, and after two and a half weeks even at 8o-1oo cm, but they still were quite bushy and compact, due to the many side branches that were very thick and long. Now the first flower clusters became visible at the top of the branches, bud formation was about get­tinginto full gear. After four weeks of flow­ering, the plants had already produced a lot of resin, spreading a sweet and spicy scent. In the sixth week of flowering, the plants had literally exploded, bud forma­tion was getting more and more massive and the intense scent even more complex and penetrant. With regard to the indica nature of the strain, the calyx-to-leaf ratio of the buds was surprisingly high. Cultivation data: Strain: Ortega Indica Vegetative stage:   here: 4 weeks Flowering: here: 9.5 weeks, 8-1o weeks in general Medium: Plagron Standard Mix, 6.5 litre pots pH: 6-6.5 EC: Wachstum:1,2-1,6 mS Blüte: 1,6-1,8 mS Lights: Vegetative (first two weeks): 2 x 125 W CFL (64oo Kelvin) Vegetative (second two weeks): 2 x 6oo W Planta Star HPS Flowering (week 1-5):2x 6oo W osram Son -T Flowering (week 6-9):2x 6oo W osramSon-T and 1 x 4oo W osram Son-T Temperature: Flowering: 22-24°C Flowering: 24-28°C Air humidity: Flowering: 4o-6o% Flowering: 4o% Watering: by hand Fertiliser: HeSi Blühkomplex, from the 4th week also HeSi Phosphor Plus Additives: Nitrozyme and HeSi Boost Complex Height: 95-12o cm Yield: 341 grams (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

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